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My Story

Originally, I'm from Houston, Texas.  My family moved frequently for my father's job.  By the time I graduated from high school, my family had moved 7 times.  My father was always the one loading all of our belongings in a U-Haul.  As we got bigger and stronger we had more responsibilities.  I packed many a box!  We should have gone in the the moving business because we were practically professional movers!  Moving makes you organized, I believe.  But it instilled in me a methodical thought process that made me think of where and how to put things.  Whether it was in my nightstand, dresser, dishwasher, there was always method to the madness.  

I went to college but left it to join the US Army for a short enlistment.  Seriously, the shortest enlistment they offer.  But during my time there at my one and only duty station, I met my husband who is now retired now from the US Army.  He loved all of his years there.  We have one child and proud to say we have one grandchild.  But being married to this man, and in essence, the military as well, guess what I did MORE of?!  You got it!  M O V E !  After our daughter started school, I went back to school to finish my teaching degree and then became an elementary school teacher.  I then changed careers when our daughter was heading to college.  At that time I became a flight attendant.  I loved both of those jobs, but after 12 years as a flight attendant I felt it was the time that I needed to be home.  With great thought, consideration, and prayer, I resigned from that job.  I worked at The Container Store for a couple of years and it filled every cell in my body with happiness!  It is during that time that I met Professional Home Organizers in the store and talking to them, I thought, that is what I need to do!  It truly feels like a calling and innate for me.  So here I am!  I'm grateful that you have come to my site and cared enough to even read this.  If there is anything I can do to help you, I'd love to! Call me!

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