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Long Lasting Lipstick

Kiss Proof

Smudge Proof

Water Proof

Won't rub off for up to 18 hours!

Purple Reign LipSense
Bella LipSense
Pomegranate LipSense
Nutmeg LipSense
Fly Girl LipSense
Dark Pink LipSense
Plum Pretty LipSense
Napa LipSense
Beige Champagne LipSense
Luv It LipSense
Cocoa LipSense
Bombshell LipSense
Fire-n-Ice LipSense
Berry LipSense
Praline Rose LipSense
Lexie Beary LipSense
Caramel Apple LipSense
Kiss For A Cause LipSense
First Love LipSense
Blu-Red LipSense
Bravo LipSense
Aussie Rose LipSense
Mauve Ice LipSense
Dawn Rising LipSense
Apple Cider LipSense
Persimmon LipSense
Caramel Latte LipSense
Mulled Wine LipSense
Nude LipSense
Pink Champagne LipSense
RoseBerry LipSense
Samon LipSense
Plum LipSense
Sheer Berry LipSense
Precious Topaz LipSense
Plumeria LipSense
Strawberry Shortcake LipSense

Sherry Bolduc

Distributor #: 202439

(281) 881-1834

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